Approach Control

Approach Control 1.01

In Approach Control you handle incoming air traffic by drawing flight paths with the mouse. The game is based on the SDL library. To draw the flight paths the SDL_gfx library is used. There are Linux and Windows binaries to download.

Update log

Approach Control 1.01 released


First release (The Windows binary will follow soon.)

Windows binary


The Windows binary is available for download. The necessary DLLs are included in the ZIP file.


Approach Control is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

How to install

Just unpack the downloaded archive to a directory of your choice.

Under Linux you need to install the SDL and SDL_gfx library to run Approach Control.

How to play

Approach Control is played with the mouse. Left-click the incoming air traffic, hold the mouse button and draw the flight path. If the path leads to a fitting landing strip, the icon will change its color and will vanish as soon as it reaches its destination. Every landing scores one point. When two icons collide, the game is over. Push any key to pause the game and ESC to quit.