An unsorted collection of some scripts and code snippets.

p5.js scripts

p5.js is a nice and simple JavaScript library to create visuals and animation, which run directly in the browser. Here are some of my scripts:

Scripts for photography

As well as for everything else I use Linux for my photography needs. Even if that means that there is no Lightroom or Photoshop for me, there is good enough Linux software that can replace them. Plus, Linux excels at enabling you to automate photography related tasks in the way you want with ImageMagick, exiftool and a little scripting. Click here to check them out.

Simple CGI Image Viewer 1.3.1

As the first addition to this section, this is a simple CGI Perl script that provides an easy way to present photos on the web. There is no thumbnail preview but just a plain table of contents.

The program consists of the Perl script itself and two HTML templates for the table of contents and display pages. The templates include markers where the information from an index file is inserted. The index file lists the filenames of the pictures along with title, description, date and size. Click here to download (44 kB).