FissionField 1.0

This is a remake of a game I knew from the Amiga 500. The original name was something like "AtomVS". It is the first game I made. After trying out some different graphic libraries, I decided to use the SDL. This way it was easy to port to the GP2x handheld console. So there are Linux, Windows and GP2x binaries to download.

In FissionField two players (blue and red) take turns. A player can either move on a free field or one that is already occupied by his color. When the number of particles in a field reaches the number of neighbouring fields, i.e. 2 for the fields in the corners, 3 along the side and 4 for the fields in the center, the field explodes covering each of the adjacent fields with a particle. If an adjacent field is already covered by the opponent, it will turn over to the player, who made the move. The goal of the game is to eliminate all of the opponent's particles. As the game progresses and the overall number of particles increases the players' moves will lead to long chain reactions.

Update log

FissionField 1.0 released


First release

License change


I decided to release the source code of FissionField(2x) and put the program under the GPL.


FissionField(2x) is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

How to install

Just unpack the downloaded archive to a directory of your choice.

Under Linux you need to install the SDL and SDL_mixer library to run FissionField.

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